After the Fall of the Oni-King


In the 10th year of the 3rd Era a group of brave heroes saved Tryator from certain doom and destruction by defeating the Oni-King at the the Thunder Throne. His defeat, along with those who aligned themselves with Prince Marius, finally allowed war-scarred Tyrator to begin to heal. The spirit-born moved freely throughly the land, healing the damage from the Great Collapse as well as purging the taint of Shadow Lands. The dark creatures slowly began to return to the Shadow Realm from which they came and the land was safe once more.

During the war against The Black Army, Prince Marius, and the Oni’s, many Lords were slain and with so many vacant seats of power came strife and conflict. A period of assassinations and in-fighting took place. While some feuds still rage on, most of the dust has settled and most lords have no established their title.

With the immediate peril past, the whispers of a Darlovian plot still hung heavy in the air. So it was that Tyrator’s First Airship was built in the 12th year of the 3rd Era. With the goal of building diplomatic ties and alliances with other nations, the airship would travel to Estyreos, The Broken Isles, and Anundis, carrying both goods and diplomats. These trips to foreign lands would enlighten the people of Tyrator to the existence of demigods. While the idea of such powerful beings frightened many, having such a powerful ally would help deter and guard against Darlovian threats.


After the Fall of the Oni-King

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