Lady Morgrance


“You wish me to speak of Lady Morgrance? Aye, I saw her long ago, back when I was fighting as a mercenary against Darlovia in the Anundis Wars. The chaos of battle does not usually allow one the luxury to stop and gaze but when she appeared an exception was made. She did not charge into battle but gracefully strode. They came to cut her down but her movements where quicker than my eyes could discern and not a foe did lay hands upon her. She floated through the battle, her movements flowing like water, dealing death to all she chose to lay her gaze upon. Those that fought never even got to hear the clash of swords unless she fancied to toy with her prey. She chose where she was going to strike and her aim was ever true. When she grew tired of claiming lives with her blade she cast spells. It was then that the enemy broke ranks and ran. Lightning melt flesh, the earth swallowed men whole, and always were they screaming. Even this bored her though and she took her fancies further. Those that were unfortunate enough to tarry behind found themselves victim to her horrors. I watched as she tore the very soul from mens bodies and then drank them down like summer wine. Another she made disembowel himself, the fear of death plain in his eyes as his hands betrayed him to her wicked whims.

In the field of victory to follow a few enemy still remained unspoiled. We contemplated what to do with them but our ideas and opinions were made moot when she stepped forward and claimed them all as her own. They were led off in chains to fates I shudder to consider. She is not a natural thing, Lady Morgrance, and I would live a happy life if I never again saw her face."

~Christopher Eaden, The Anundis Wars – Volume III

“Look at the ants… watch as they scatter!” ~Lady Morgrance before breaking the siege of Dornuthuk

Lady Morgrance has become both a historical and mythological figure in the history of Deunon. No one knows quite when but most accounts report her as one who was cursed/blessed with immortality long ago. She is known to be at least 500 years old as indicated by her involvement in the Anundis Wars though tales/legends place her to be well over 1,500 years of age. None of this is reflected in her appearance for like all immortals she does not age beyond maturity. In fact her appearance itself is the stuff of legends.

“I would describe the manners of her beauty but I have not the words nor time enough in my life to serve her justice.” ~Lord Drogo Gulmonth upon returning from Morgrance’s Tower

She is usually described as an elf with a tanned complexion and flowing dark red hair. Though accounts on her appearance differ ranging from those who literally depict her as an angel to simple discrepancies in hair color.

In all her tales she is known to be eccentric and spontaneous. She has appeared in countries (or at least their lore) all across Deunon and many are the tale of men she has lured away from their homes and wives. She has been involved in many battles and political uprisings throughout history though none understand why she appears and supports the sides she does. Lady Morgrance’s plans are mysterious, some believe her involvement to be a result of her need for entertainment.

Lady Morgrance

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