The Faith of The Family

The dominant and ruling faith in Norentand is that of “The Family”. The Frost Father is viewed as the head of The Family, being both the wisest and the strongest of the four Norentand gods. The other three deities are commonly known as: The Summer Mother. The Un-Mother, and Uncle Olack. Though there is debate as to whether or not the four gods are related, they are often referred to as siblings by virtue of their shared deity status and co-occupancy of Norentand.

It is said that the The Frost Father took The Summer Mother as his wife and together they bore five of The First Children. Uncle Olack saw the beautiful children and grew jealous. He desired offspring of his own and so sought The Un-Mother as his wife. She refused him though, and he began to hate The Frost Father for having that which he could not.

His anger and frustration grew until one day, he laid a trap for The Un-Mother. He lured her to a secret cave, enchanted to be invisible to the eyes of The Summer Mother and The Frost Father, and there he tied her up using magical rope such that she could not break free. There he forced her to give birth to his children. The-UnMother cursed those she bore though, causing them to be hideous and misshapen, bestial and wild. Uncle Olack saw his children were not as fair as those of The Frost Father and so he cast them out into the wild where they grew numerous and savage (Thus monsters came to be in Norentand).

One Day Uncle Olack heard The Frost Father calling forth for him and The Un-Mother. Not wishing to have suspicion fall upon himself he went out to meet The Frost Father. When he was asked where The Un-Mother was he lied and claimed that she had gone off to a far away land. In the absence of Uncle Olack, the Un-Mother gave birth to a child who she did not curse. The child helped untie her mother’s bindings and they escaped from the enchanted cave. Taking the magic rope with them, they went to The Frost Father to reveal the evil of Uncle Olack.

The Frost Father was furious when he heard of what had transpired and bound Uncle Olack in the same rope that he had bound The Un-Mother with. The Frost Father then tossed Uncle Olack to a distant island where he would stay bound until someone saw it fit to free him. Now, around this same time, the Children of Olack began to cause a great deal of trouble for The First Children who called to their father for aid. As an additional punishment for his crimes, The Frost Father decided to destroy the Children of Olack. Though he was not without compassion. He set aside a territory of Norentand where they could live in peace if they so desired. He allowed them time to move there and after the allotted time gave permission to the First Children to destroy them.

For many years the First Children Battled the Children of Olack and though they were more powerful, the Children of Olack were numerous and for every two they killed, four more rose up to take their place. The First Children feared they would be overrun and so they plead before the Frost Father for aid. So it was that The Second Children were created. While not as great in power as The First Children, they were able to breed and so their numbers helped quell those of the Children of Olack. With this the battle became deadlocked, neither side making strides. Again The First Children went to their father for aid, and so he gave them The Third Children, lesser than the The Second Children but greater in number.

Soon the Children of Olack were losing ground and so they retreated to the dark and narrow places of Norentand where they Children of the Frost Father could not reach them. For a final time, The First Children pleaded for aid and The Frost Father created The Fourth Children least of all his children but greatest in number. They were small enough to delve into the dark narrow places where the Children of Olack hid. So it is that they fight them even to this day, keeping at bay the monstrosities of Uncle Olack.

To ensure that the children of Olack did not return, The Frost Father entrusted a territory of Norentand to each of the five First Children as well as to the non-cursed child of The Un-Mother. With the territory he allotted to the peaceful Children of Olack, he completely divided Norentand into seven distinct territories.

The Faith of The Family

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