The Theocracy of Norentand

All aspects of government in Norentand are derived from The Family. The words of The Frost Father are law and his rules and edicts have been put together in a collection known as The An Teagh. Within the An Teagh, The Frost Father establishes his genealogical hierarchy of leadership for Norentand. He defines the The First Children as his servants who rule over different regions of Norentand in his name. The First Children answer to only The Frost Father and The Summer Mother, otherwise their authority over their domains is supreme.

The Laws of Lineage, spelled out in the An Teagh, demand lesser Children be obedient to their superiors and as such The Second Children serve The First and so on unto The Fourth Children who are obedient to all the other children.

While different forms of leadership are observed throughout Norentand, The Fourth Children have established a ruling priesthood who oversees their cities and ensures that The Frost Father’s will is being carried out and his laws enforced. This organization is known as The Brothers of Cu’ Nat, named so after the covenant that was formed at Mt. Cu’ Nat between The Frost Father and The Fourth Children wherein The Sisters were given in exchange for faithfulness and obedience.

The Brothers of Cu’ Nat maintain a church within each Fourth Child city in Norentand. They coordinate all of these churches from a gigantic church that they established at Mt. Cu’ Nat known as, “The Citadel”. The Brother of Cu’ Nat have their own internal hierarchy with different ranks conferring different spheres of influence both in terms of regional jurisdiction and authoritarian capabilities.

The Theocracy of Norentand

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