The Unified Calendar

The Unified Calendar has been in place ever since the First Council of Druids established a need for a common means of determining dates. The months of the Unified Calendar are:

1. Farvardin

2. Mehr

3. Aban

4. Khordad

5. Tir

6. Mordad -Ordibehesht

7. Azar

8. Bahman

9. Shahrivar

10. Esfand

Each month is 36 days long. The only oddity with unified Calendar is Ordibehesht which is a 5 day period following Mordad. It is the time during which The Druid Council meets and matters of great importance are discussed. Even for those who do not partake in the council, it is a time of discussion and resolution.

The weeks of the Unified Calendar are comprised of 6 days:

1. Dodia

2. Redia

3. Media

4. Fadia

5. Sodia

6. Ladia

The Unified Calendar works in a linearly progressive scale, restarting when The Druid Council decides that the world has changed sufficiently to merit a new Era.

“The Elder Times”/“The Elder Era”
This is the term used to describe the time that came before the 1st Era. In this time, many different nations chronicled their history differently. The Druids attempted to reconcile all of these accounts into a single time line but it as not completed before The Great Collapse.

The 1st Era
This era was heralded in once The Druid Council has established a presence on every continent and ensured that the people of the world knew the existence of others that lived across the deep waters. In this time the druids served as agents of sharing and progress, spreading ideas and technologies to all the different continents. This era lasted for 2,762 years.

The 2nd Era
When men began to build ships that could cross the great oceans, the druids started a new era. It was a time of increased prosperity. Ideas and knowledge flowed more then ever before and the druids no longer needed to serve as messengers and instead focused on mediation, forging progressive alliances, and defense as needed. This era lasted 956 years.

The 3rd Era
The Great Collapse caused a change of an Era though not officially called in by The Druid Council. The majority of The Council perished in The Great Collapse and as a result the order has not met since those troubled days.

The Unified Calendar

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