Theories on Essence


The following is an excerpt from Brother Ormhon HighHammer’s book, “The New Nature of Divinity”

“It is of no surprise to learn that the clerics of the old gods are ever dwindling in numbers. Their numbers were already decimated after the battles of The Great Collapse and since then they have continued to wane. In fact only small pockets of “clerics” exist any more, clinging to the hope that their gods have merely gone away and will one day return. I do not cling to such idealistic notions however, no, I was there, I saw the light fade from Pelor’s eyes as his great form collapsed into the seas. They will not be returning.

In the months following The Great Collapse most of the clerics in my temple left, off to search for truth or comfort or a place to end their misery. I stayed behind though, not out of hope that Pelor would return but out of habit, the life of a clergyman was all I had ever known. The first thing I did was remove the shrine and alter as their mere existence seemed to mock me. People still came to the temple and we still cared for them best as we could. Our divine power to heal had left us but we had bandages and knowledge of how to use them so we did. I was baffled why so many continued to come to our temple. Finally, after five days of refugees pouring in I decided to ask a male gnome who had come in, “Why do you come when you know Pelor is no longer with us? When you know we have not his help to heal you?”

“We come not for your god, we come for you! You’re magic closed our wounds but it was your love and compassion that saw us healed. The very virtues that separated Pelor from the rest of that forsaken pantheon. You say your god is dead but I dare say he lives on in you.”

I was quite dumbfounded by the gnome’s statement but as the days passed by it sunk in more and more. I have since come to embrace that idea, that the deities live on in their followers and for that reason I carry on the church of Pelor. Not for what Pelor is, but for what he was, and for the principles that he taught us.

Now if that was all that I had to offer I would say that a good deal of people would find my book hogwash. There is more though my good friends. One day, about a year after The Great Collapse, I was busily at work polishing the marble floors of the temple when I heard great cries of distress rising from the streets. I hurriedly got to my feet and sprinted to see what was that matter. There on the dirt road a small elven boy lay bleeding.

He had just stumbled in from the woods and it appeared that a wild animal of some sort had dealt him a grievous, if not mortal, blow. He had already lost consciousness when I got to him and the shouts of the crowd pleaded for me to act. I got to work but it soon became evident that my meager bandages would not be enough to save the lad. I kept trying though and with all my heart and soul I hoped and focused on healing the boy. It is then that it happened. With a gentle glow the boys wounds closed. He coughed up some blood and lazily blinked, alive and stable!

The crowd clambered greatly about me. Whispers of Pelor’s return spread like wildfire. I was not so quick to believe however, at least not in the manner the people did. I meditated on what had occurred for a fortnight. Dare I hope, do I dare ponder that my precious Pelor was returning? No. No. Pelor is dead. Though I do venture to say that he is not gone. I believe that Pelor, or a bit of Pelor at least, is within me, his power transferred over to the creatures of this world on his passing.

To do not but hope for Pelor’s return is folly. It is up to us to embrace that essence that has carried over to us and work on bringing it to its fullest potential. We must be that which Pelor urged us on to be. He may be gone from this world, but his message carries on, shining brightly and keeping the darkness that threatens to engulf us at bay. It is in us now to carry out the will of Pelor for in his passing he has given us the capability. This, my friends, is the future of the church and the new nature of divinity."

Theories on Essence

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