Tyrator's First Airship


During The Reclamation of Tyrator, the Darlovians unleashed their latest innovation and deadliest weapon, The Juggernaut. Measuring in just shy of a mile long, The Juggernaut was the largest, and most heavily armed airship that Darlovia had ever developed. In fact, within it’s massive hull, smaller airships were able to be stored and dispatched. To gaze upon it was to know fear, even for the most stalwart and seasoned of warriors.

For the first time, Tyrator had to wage war in the air and “rose up” to the challenge thanks to the storm priests and griffin riders of the dwarfs. While they were not able to cause damage to The Juggernaut itself, attrition took its toll. With time, the Darlovian rage over their emperor’s death at the infamous One Minute Battle began to fade away and morale dropped steeply. The smaller ships that were sent out kept returning with less and less men. Finally, when one of the ship’s failed to return at all, the Juggernaut turned around and headed back to Anundis.

The ship that did not return to the Juggernaut was struck down by a trio of storm priestesses as it attempted to circle north of the capital. It crashed off the coast of Storm’s Eye and was considered sunk and lost until it was rediscovered After the Fall of the Oni-King. The expense was great but through the pulling of resources from several Lords of Tryator (Lord Sprix contributing the lion share of the cost) the airship was retrieved from the sea and was soon being studied and restored by none other than Lord Ovrid Bolfik. Lord Bolfik was unable to restore the airship as it was designed but was able to improvise with some of his own ideas and innovations. So it was that in the 13th year of the 3rd Era, Tyrator had it’s first operational airship, capable of traveling across the deep and treacherous waters of Deunon, and begin reforming connections broken during The Great Collapse.

Tyrator's First Airship

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